Receptive Tour Operators are defined as United States-based companies which specialize in creating, marketing, and selling United States travel products to International Inbound travelers. Receptive Tour Operators have unique knowledge of the countries they serve and of the destinations they sell. A Tour Operator shall be considered a Receptive when the majority of its revenue is derived from Inbound International travelers to the United States.

RSAA Latest News

Watch the Big Game in Vegas!

It's Vegas and it's the it with your friends and colleagues. 
Register today for the RSAA SuperBowl Watching Event at the KGB in Harrah's. A limited number of supplier tickets are available for purchase!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Announces Changes to ESTA Program
Effective November 3, those seeking to travel to the United States from countries in our Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will be required to provide additional data fields of information in the travel application submitted via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The new information sought includes additional passport data, contact information, and other potential names or aliases. We are taking this step to enhance the security of the Visa Waiver Program, to learn more about travelers from countries from whom we do not require a visa. We are also confident these changes will not hinder lawful trade and travel between our Nation and our trusted foreign allies in the Visa Waiver Program

RSAA-Discover America Taiwan MOU Signing Ceremony

RSAA Announces MegaFam Program with Brand USA
The Receptive Services Association of America (RSAA) is pleased to announce that the association will partner with Brand USA to facilitate follow-up and booking opportunities for MegaFam participants.

Familiarization "fam" trips are one of the ways Brand USA engages in ongoing trade and consumer outreach. Brand USA partners with leading suppliers to bring tour operators to the U.S. to visit different regions and learn about new products. RSAA will work with Brand USA to follow-up with MegaFam participants to ensure have access to booking opportunities featured on the MegaFam.

RSAA is pleased to partner with Brand USA on this important MegaFam project,” said RSAA Chairman Jonathan Zuk. “Receptive tour operators are a key component of the product supply chain and RSAA involvement will help international operators book new product quickly and efficiently.”

RSAA Trade Mission to Brazil - Curitiba

RSAA Members meeting with Schultz Operators, Curitiba on the first RSAA trade mission to Brazil.

Brand USA Reauthorization Legislation Passes House
The House of Representatives voted late on July 22 to pass H.R. 4450, the Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act. The legislation authored by Congressional Travel and Tourism Caucus co-chair Gus Bilirakis, R-Fla., and co-sponsored by co-chair Rep. Sam Farr, D-Calif., and caucus member Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt.,  reauthorizes Brand USA – a public-private partnership designed to encourage tourism to the United States. Travel and tourism is the United State’s top export industry and Brand USA’s efforts have already brought an additional 1.1 million visitors to the United States. The bipartisan legislation passed 347-57. Next up: BUSA reauthorization legislation in the Senate.

Tell Us Where the Next RSAA Trade Mission Should Be
RSAA will plan future trade missions to areas of interest for members. Give your feedback on what markets RSAA should target by participating in our survey.




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